A.J. Ogilvie is an American screenwriter, director, and producer currently based in North Carolina. He is a May 2015 graduate of North Carolina State University, where he studied English and graduated magna cum laude.


He has released six short films produced entirely in North Carolina: 2018's For Good Measure, 2019's Blue View, 2021's The Hat Box and Evening Into Night, and 2022's Capricious Company and Belvedere. A seventh, Half, is currently in post-production.


"Visually and narratively, I am drawn to stories about people in places. I am interested in human interaction and behavior (specifically in regards to communication). – Most of my ideas start out as images or simple moments without a larger narrative. The process of establishing the narrative is, for me, both challenging and rewarding. I enjoy the process of fleshing out a story and finding its footing, as well as gathering together the right people to tell that story." - A.J. Ogilvie